Have you got your own business?  

Are you struggling to get enough leads, get people to buy from you and make enough money?

Work with me to create and implement systems and processes to automate sales and marketing in your business to get



Not got time to set up marketing and sales systems yourself? 

A bit overwhelmed by everything you need to do?

Want someone to take away the stress and hassle and just get it done for you?


then I'll do the work for you. 


Want to set up marketing and sales systems yourself but need some help?

Got the time to do it but don't know how?


then I'll coach you on what to do and how to do it and 

you do the work with my guidance and support 


What does DONE FOR YOU include?

·       90 minute strategy session on growing your business

·       Identifying the best way to find and attract new people to your business

·       Discussing how to capture potential customer’s contact details

·       Designing an email marketing campaign to attract paying customers

·       Designing and copy writing for a landing page 

·       Copy writing for the email marketing campaign

·       Setting up the campaign within your autoresponder or CRM system.

·       Linking the system to your landing page/website

What does DONE WITH YOU include? 

•      Measuring your business against key metrics

•      Setting your goals for 2016 and beyond

•      Deciding on the best marketing strategies for your business

•      Setting up automated systems for your products and services

•      Creating email marketing campaigns

•      Setting up autoresponder or CRM systems  

•      Making your website a marketing tool 

•      Copy writing

•      Creating lead pages

The Result...

A live automated SYSTEM ready to go to 

ATTRACT more clients to you and 

turn them into PAYING customers, 

which means more PROFIT for you.

Interested in working with me to 
increase your leads, customers and profit?  

I've got space for just 4 people per month to become private clients and work directly with me.   

There are two very important qualifying criteria for becoming a private client… 

1.  Your business must already exist, even if it's just at the early stages. 

You need to already know:  

  • What the purpose of your business is  
  • What your products and services are
  • What prices you will sell your products and services for.  

I can best help you if this has already been set up, or at least thought through as our focus is on: 

  • Getting more people aware you exist,   
  • Increasing the number of people who buy from you and 
  • Increasing your income.

2.  You need to be willing to do some work. 

Results don't happen by magic.  

In my experience, the clients who get the best results are those who are willing to implement and execute quickly, and without question.  

And think about it… if you’re paying a significant sum of money for my advice and help, doesn’t it make sense to at least give the strategy I suggest a shot? 

If I’m wrong, then we’ll simply re-evaluate your strategy and go again.  

Just like in the real world!  

Rarely do you achieve perfection first time round. 

You plan. You test. You measure. You evaluate. You adapt. 

That’s how you get the best results.

And that’s what being a private client is all about.  

Getting results: Getting more leads, more customers, more sales and more profit for your business… 

…And more time for you.  


Do you already have a business set up or ready to go,

which you're excited about growing quickly?

Are you interested in becoming a private client and 
working with me on a one-on-one basis?


Then book a FREE 30 Minute "Business Growth Discovery" Call with me, where I'll explain the strategy you need to put in place in your business to get more leads, more paying customers and more profit.  I'm sure you'll leave the call with at least one idea you can implement straight away.

JUST FILL IN THE FORM ON THE RIGHT and I’ll be in touch.

We value your privacy and would never spam you

I guarantee you’ll be further ahead with me than without me, so you'll be sure to get a return on your investment. 

I only work with businesses I know I can help, and who I know will get results.

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